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My booty started to shape up and grow after the first week with Rockin Booty, and because I started to follow her meal plan. I started to feel great about myself eating good. I followed the "Bigger Booty" meal plan and I could eat anything I wanted in that list! Jessica is an amazing coach and she really cares for your results. I encourage you girls to do it! - Jenny Jet.

Something happened to me with Rockin Booty. Before I was stuck in the same weight for year's and I was trying to be in shape and loss weight but it wasn't happening for me. Now with this Rockin program I'm loosing my extra inches from my booty. I'm happy and my husband is happy as well. 🙂 Thanks a lot for this, I feel so energized and it feels great. My husband is loosing weight too by the way because I cook for the both of us with no fat. My body is under construction...Merci Beaucoup Jessica Perez Beebe for helping me. - Caridad Batista

Wow...What I really like about the program in my case I am following the trimmer program inside Rockin Booty, that I do not feel like I'm on a diet. In fact, I'm eating a lot more than before and I do not feel guilty. The exercises are very well targeted and if you follow the program correctly in a week you can tell the difference not only in your booty but also in the legs - Carla C.

With Rockin Booty, within a week I was able to notice a positive difference in energy and my booty and by the second week, my family was able to notice the difference. I was able to put the program to the test this week while traveling and working away from home; I was able to do the exercise routine even in small spaces, and with Jessica's meal plan, I was aware of my food and water intake. Jessica Perez-Beebe is a positive motivator and really has encouraged me to work for the results I want. With Rockin Booty, I get to have weekly results which pushes me to push harder and I'm not limited to where or when, this program molds to my lifestyle! - Christina Y

"Dear Jessica, I cant begin to thank you for such a great and empowering experience. I started this journey challenging myself to loose weight by my birthday, and finished feeling very good about myself and learning all kinds of great information like the right way of eating, importance of water intake, and great short workouts that fit into my busy life with 3 kids and a full time job life. I absolutely loved and enjoyed the support Jessica provided via videos and email. I have worked in the same office for 16 years and everyone has told me that I look the best I every have, that I look confident and radiant! I feel super happy and would recommend this program to everyone.” - Lucy B.

I joined a local gym several months prior to starting the Rockin Booty program. It had been at least 3 years since I had belonged to a gym and followed a consistent workout routine. Going to the gym and attempting to do weights after many years was tough and intimidating. I stopped going and became discouraged while wondering if i would get into fitness again. When I heard about Rockin Booty, I wasn't sure what to expect. Jessica is an excellent trainer and the program that she put together is very well organized in which she provides great detail explaining how to do each movement. I have seen great results in the few short weeks that I didn't see with all the months I spent at the gym. It's great and fits in nicely with my hectic schedule. The 'diet' is awesome...I'm never hungry and my energy level has improved. - Elisabeth T.

I've always been a skeptic when it comes to work out programs, but I thought I would try this program once and when I failed, and believe me I thought I would fail, I would move on. I'm now coming to the end of week 3 and I can see an amazing difference. My butt if lifted, my thighs are getting smaller and my stomach is starting to lose some of that belly pouch that's sooooooo hard to get rid of. I'm in love with this workout program and plan on continuing until I reach my goals to toning my body entirely. To date I have lost over 13 pounds in just 3 weeks, without starving myself. I'm so EXCITED to see what comes next. Thank you Jessica Perez-Beebe for giving me this opportunity to prove myself wrong and to begin a life healthier and with tons more energy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  - Tanya M

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